Best Stethoscope For Nursing Students – Top 10 Reviews

Being a nursing student you often wonder whether to make an investment in an expensive stethoscope for your nursing school. It is confusing to make a decision whether to buy a cheap one now and a nice one later. Or whether to buy an average one now and an expensive one later on. I think having a good quality but not necessarily a cardiac stethoscope is the way to go for nursing students. Avail your opportunity to hear bowel, lung and heart sounds. The ultra inexpensive stethoscope is a waste of money. Ultra expensive ones are also a bad idea as they get stolen.

Some students make a serious mistake of buying a cheap stethoscope for nursing school. I recommend you to buy a good quality one before nursing school, that way you will be able to hear the sounds properly as you learn. If you miss the opportunity to hear the proper sounds at nursing school, you won’t know what to listen for when you have an upgraded scope. So take a decision, make an investment, up front, just once for a lifetime. You might need an amplified one later on if you specialise in cardiology for example.

A nursing school is a career program centre. You are being trained here and literally groomed for immediate entry to the healthcare field. Part of your professional requirements is ensuring that you are outfitted with the appropriate tools and equipment necessary to perform your job. These tools are your own responsibility, the most important tool in your arsenal is a stethoscope.  Many nursing schools have contracts with suppliers willing to extend student discounts on stethoscopes and other necessary equipment. You can add to cart on such an online store, without breaking the bank.


Reviews of the Best Stethoscope For Nursing Students

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Top 10 Best Stethoscope For Nursing Student Reviews


1.  3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope

This stethoscope can detect normal and abnormal sounds. It is worthy of investment due to its five years warranty. Although it is constructed out of lightweight material, yet it is rugged enough to withstand wear and tear. Tunable technology will help you monitor infants and adults using the same stethoscope. Its diaphragm can be cleaned easily and attached easily. It has a non-chill rim to comfort the patients. Its tubes are stain resistant and latex free.


  • five years warranty
  • lightweight material
  • tunable technology
  • comfortable
  • beautiful BURGUNDY latex free, stain resistant tubes.


2.  3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

This stethoscope is extremely light in weight, only a few grams. It gives you accurate blood pressure readings. It has a tunable diaphragm. It has teardrop shape. It has a pre-angled headset. It has a non-chill rim. With the purchase of this stethoscope you will get FREE access to the 3M Littmann Learning Institute App.


  • EXTREMELY lightweight
  • FREE access to the smart phone app
  • beautiful burgundy tube
  • tunable diaphragm
  • suitable for blood pressure measurement
  • teardrop shape
  • Pre-angled headset
  • non-chill rim


3.  Dixie Ems Purple Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope Kit

Dixie EMS Sprague kit includes a blood pressure unit with an inflation system, a metal gauge with spring clip, touch and hold closure a nylon cuff. Its deluxe inflation system has a two tube heavy duty latex bladder and a large air release valve for fast deflation. Its tubing is long enough to help you maintain comfortable distance between yourself and your patient. It has an included accessory pouch containing, two diaphragms, two pairs of ear tips and three bells. To help you carry it along with you, a color matching nylon zippered case is included in this kit.


  • suitable for blood pressure measurement
  • has all the necessary accessories
  • perfect tube length
  • available in variety of beautiful colors
  • effective inflation system


4.  3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

This stethoscope has seven years warranty. Its bell is deeper and its chest piece is larger than average stethoscopes. Its construction is sturdy. It has tunable diaphragm technology. It has a non-chill rim. Its headset tension is adjustable. It has dual lumen tubing. With the purchase of this stethoscope you will get FREE access to the 3M Littmann Learning Institute App.


  • seven years warranty
  • deeper bell
  • larger chest piece
  • sturdy construction
  • tunable diaphragm
  • non-chill rim
  • headset tension is adjustable
  • dual lumen tubing
  • FREE access to the smart phone app


5.  MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

This stethoscope is handcrafted from aluminium. It is comfortable for constant use. It has a durable hand polished dual head chest piece. Its tubes are longer than average. Its ear tips are also comfortable. It has a lifetime warranty. It has free parts for life program. It is extremely lightweight.


  • lightweight
  • lifetime warranty
  • free parts for life program
  • longer than average tubes
  • comfortable
  • durable



6.  ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

AFD stands for adjustable frequency design. This stethoscope has a lifetime warranty. It has one-sided chest piece. Its lightweight chest piece is made from zinc alloy. It has extra long tubes. Its ear tips are comfortable.


  • lifetime warranty,
  • adjustable frequency design
  • one-sided chest piece
  • extra long tubes
  • comfortable
  • free spare parts are included


7ADC Adscope 603 Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

AFD stands for adjustable frequency design. This stethoscope provides you with outstanding acoustics. It provides you and your patients with unsurpassed comfort. Its construction is rugged. It has an unrivaled lifetime warranty. This stethoscope is overengineered not overpriced. It is assembled and inspected before packaging. All the necessary accessories are included. It is available in multiple colors and finishes.


  • affordable price
  • rugged construction
  • lifetime warranty
  • comfortable
  • free accessories


8.  MDF Rose Gold MD Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

This product will help you assess the problem in the lungs, stomach or heart of the little patients. It has patented safety lock ear tip adapters to prevent eardrum puncture. Its construction is secured twice to offer double durability. It has dual-leaf spring. Its headset is pre-angled for comfortable use. The stainless steel is handcrafted. It has acoustically superior quality. It is white in color. It has an anatomically angled headset. The tubes are made up of extra thick PVC, latex free white tubing. Its ear tips are comfortable as they are made up of super soft silicon. Its diaphragm is ultra sensitive. Its dual head chest piece helps you to distinguish between different sounds. Low frequency sounds are heard with the bell and high frequency sounds are heard using the diaphragm. MDF provides lifetime support. It has free for life parts.


  • Maximum user safety
  • double durability
  • handcrafted pure stainless steel
  • comfortable ear tips
  • dual head chest piece
  • free for life parts


9.  3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

This stethoscope is suitable for blood pressure reading due to its teardrop shape. It has a tunable diaphragm. It has a non-chill rim. It weighs only a few grams. It has ceil blue tube. With the purchase of this stethoscope you will get FREE access to the 3M Littmann Learning Institute App.


  • accurate blood pressure reading
  • FREE access to the smartphone app, unlock with the code on your stethoscope
  • teardrop shape
  • tunable diaphragm
  • non-chill rim
  • lightweight


10.  MDF Classic Cardiology Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope

This stethoscope has a lifetime warranty.  It has free parts for life program. Its cone shaped bell is extra deep. Its tubes are latex free. It is made up of durable stainless steel. It has traditional cardiology design.


  • lifetime warranty
  • extra deep bell
  • free parts for life program
  • latex free tubes
  • durable stainless steel construction


The Stethoscope How it Works and How is it Used


Tips for selecting a stethoscope for your nursing school

  • If you are hard of hearing, you must select an expensive one.
  • To avoid drawing unnecessary attention, don’t buy an attractive, flashy one or it will get stolen.
  • If you are training in a very busy place, don’t buy an expensive one as it will probably be misplaced or forgotten.

Remember that its not about how advanced your stethoscope is, but how well you are trained to listen, that matters the most. Your instructors do their best to train you to be the best nurse you can be. A stethoscope is just a tool for you to get there.

Things to consider when buying a stethoscope for nursing school

  • Your budget:

Being a student means an absence of a handsome income. Your pocket money or personal savings are limited. You will have to buy such a stethoscope that is not a burden on your wallet and doesn’t throw you into debt. This is confusing but not time consuming if you are looking for one on an online store that has a contract to provide you with a student discount. Just provide them with your student identity and you get enough discount off the original price of the product. Consider free worldwide shipping and a long term refund, replacement and maintenance warranty at the checkout.

  • Acoustic quality:

Choose the stethoscope that features ultra sensitive acoustic quality, that is ideal for use through bandage or clothing. Your stethoscope must be capable enough to make an accurate assessment through up to ten layers of folded towel. Choose the stethoscope that has adjustable analogue and digital modes. I recommend you buy the stethoscope that has up to seven volume levels for listening accuracy.

  • Ambient noise cancellation:

Carefully select the stethoscope that gives you detailed insulation between low frequency and high frequency sounds. Consider the fact that you will be using your stethoscope in loud noisy places, where it is necessary to cancel unnecessary ambient noise for the accuracy of diagnosis.

  • Sturdy construction:

Choose the stethoscope that has soft silicon construction, that is phthalate free for durability. Carefully select the stethoscope that is hand polished and has a pre-angled chrome plated brass headset adjustable up to fifteen degrees. Stethoscopes that have patented internal dual leaf spring construction are more sturdy and reliable. Choose a stethoscope that is constructed using denser, thicker, latex free PVC. Select the stethoscope which has the Y configuration of the tube long enough and cracks proof. The Y configuration ear tube that is made up of stainless steel is preferable as it is flexible, bendable, unbreakable and durable. Also, Consider these features when buying a stethoscope: a patented internal metal alloy chamber must be located in the acoustic tube below the spring to keep it open for maximum sound transmission. Select a stethoscope whose earpiece is made from impact resistant acrylic resin.

  • Replacement parts:

Pick the stethoscope that gives you more than one parts so you can replace them in case you misplace one. Make sure you select the stethoscope that has an extra comfort seal ear tips and a spare ultrasensitive diaphragm and also an Identity tag. It is called free parts for life program. Buy the stethoscope that has at least three pairs of comfort seal ear tips of various sizes: small, medium and large.

  • Dual heads vs tunable heads:

The chest piece is also called a head of a stethoscope. Pick the stethoscope that has a tunable head as it will help you to diagnose both adult patients and paediatric patients with the same stethoscope. Pick the one with a head made up of steel or bronze alloy. Steel ensures that the head fits with a tight seal. Any air leak can decrease the sound considerably. Make sure you buy the one with a non chill head to provide your patients with comfort and ease.

  • Single vs double tubing:

A good stethoscope usually comes with a double lumen design and tubing that is sectioned off into left and right hemisphere. The sounds from the head of the stethoscope travel to your ears with the most acuity and accuracy.

  • Plastic vs silicon earpieces:

Silicon earpieces are lightweight and comfortable to use, while plastic earpieces cause a lot of pain.


Final Verdict

After many months of research, comparisons, expert opinions and thoughtful considerations, I have concluded that the title for the best stethoscope for nursing student goes to : 3M Littmann Classic Monitoring Stethoscope, Black-Finish Chestpiece, stem and headset, Burgundy Tube. This is the tool you can rely on. It will help you avail the opportunity to learn the maximum skill. It is worthy of investment, due to its five years warranty. Add to cart now:

Or you can also go for 3M Littmann Lightweight Stethoscope, Burgundy Tube. This product provides you with a smartphone app, you can use to enhance your skills. You will get FREE access to the 3M Littmann Learning Institute App. Add to cart now:

Best Stethoscope For Nursing Students
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These stethoscope for nursing students are carefully curated, affordable and easy to use for students. These stethoscopes are perfectly suitable for nursing students during their studies and even after they finish their studies.


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